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Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.

We Specialize In: Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Toyota & Much More. Our Expert technicians can handle any problem you have with your car or truck. With heavy-duty vehicle lifts that can handle up to 2.5 tons we can work with a wide veriaty cars and trucks.

  • Tune Ups
  • Drive Train
  • Brakes
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Fuel Systems
  • Drive Belts
  • Ball Joints
  • Differentials (Rear End)
  • (Front End)
  • (Suspension)
  • Drive Lines
  • Ignitions
  • Steering Columns
  • Axles
  • Flat Rate Tire Repair & Replace (Mount & Balance)
  • Electrical Check Engine Lights
  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Work
  • A/C & Heat
  • Cigarette Lighters